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Get motivated! Studies show that people who work out with a buddy have more fun and work out 200% longer than those doing it alone.

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How it works.

Using geolocation technology, FitMatch provides a platform where fitness enthusiasts can connect with like-minded people, worldwide. Once connected, users can motivate and inspire each other, keeping each other accountable to a workout routine and helping each other reach their fitness goals.

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What’s coming to version 1.2

In FitMatch v1.2, users will be matched based on proximity to one another, fitness activity and activity level. Additional enhancements will include the ability to form teams, and map runs and other outdoor distance activities using GPS technology.

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FitMatch users get live fitness information from real gym goers.

Connect with fitness lovers near you.

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Studies show that those working out with a partner exercise 200% longer than those doing it alone.

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Why it was created.

Ngo Okafor – celebrity trainer, boxing champion, and fitness enthusiast – found that even his most dedicated clients would not adhere to their workout routine when they were traveling, due to lack of motivation. So, he created a platform for his clients to connect with like-minded fitness enthusiasts and find the motivation they need to maintain their fitness routines.

About Ngo.

Raised in Nigeria, Ngo Okafor continues to beat the odds, becoming a 2-time Golden Gloves Boxing champion, lacing up his first pair of boxing gloves at the late age of 31. He has since become a top celebrity trainer in New York City. Ngo has worked with J Lo, Naomi Campbell, IMAN, Chanel Iman, in addition to several executive editors of leading fashion and beauty magazines and blogs. Nike also signed Ngo as a chapter leader for its NIKE+NYC Training Program.

Ngo Okafor

Get inspired.

Ngo has shared his philosophy of staying strong and motivated with today’s most respected media outlets. Click on a logo for workouts & tips you can use with your fitness friends.

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